Taktika BPMS

Taktika BPMS is a business process management system.

It enables organizations to define, execute and monitor the performance of their business processes.

You can design a process model, publish it to the Taktika Server where it can be started directly to execute in your organization’s information system.

Taktika BPMS Features

Process model:
Define your processes with a graphical model.
Application integration:
Use services that other applications expose in your processes.
Organizational structure:
Define your organizational structure including organizational units, positions, persons and privileges.
Process schedule:
Define a schedule for starting processes automatically.
Activity performers:
Define performers of the process activities which implies the task delegation.
Define details for notification about events regarding work items.
Business rules:
Describe your organizations rules and procedures using business rules.
My tasks:
Task overview, performing and completing tasks.
Forms and documents:
Define forms and document templates and use them in your process definitions.
Managing tasks and processes:
Assign tasks, change priorities and due dates, manage the execution of processes and tasks.
Working procedures:
Prepare the working procedures for the performers of specific activities.
Control the execution of your organizations processes.
Process coordination:
Define communication flows between processes.

For pricing and additional information please send an email to
TaktikaBPMS@ixtlan-team.si or call +386 1 300 2900.

For support and documentation see our Customer support page.