When executing projects for our clients we trust only tested technologies. We are well aware of the fact that we can protect the client’s investment only in case we are familiar with the chosen technology and know how to use it appropriately to solve the given business issues.

We are aware that the most important thing for our clients is the solution of their business problems. Most of them are not interested in technology itself. Thus, our knowledge and choices carry even more significance.

The development of software makes use of the Sybase Powerbuilder and Microsoft .NET developmental environments. We use Oracle Server and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Our solutions are constructed in various architectures, from classic window applications that generally operate on the principle user-server, to contemporary world-wide web and other applications that make use of the web services for communication.

Most of software is preordered by our customers, but some of it is premade. An example of the later is LogLock, an application used to log the locking and unlocking of the computer.
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